Behavioral Services



We provide Applied Behavior Analysis services in-home, in the community or in schools.  We can do any level of assessment for any child or adult who has a diagnosis on the Autism Spectum.   We can work with schools and/or with families.  We accept most private insurances, but are not currently able to accept MassHealth.

First, we would meet with you to find out if our skills can meet your needs (free).  Next, we would do an assessment to identify both your needs and the skill level already achieved by the child.  Third, we write up a plan to increase the desired skills with you to make sure it is something you are comfortable with and then we provide the services directly by coming to your house or other location on a regular basis.  Call or e-mail to discuss what you need.

Applied Behavior Analysis is based on decades of research.  Although there is theory behind the practice, ABA bases its interventions on the data culled from research.  We have learned and practice with a toolkit full of methods that have been tried and succeeded in many situations.  This does not mean that everything will work for everyone.  First, we assess the situation in order to do our best to evaluate the function for the behavior that is an obstacle.  With knowledge of what the unwanted behavior is achieving for each individual we are then able to start assembling our methods into a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). We then help you set up to use the plan.  Then we continue to provide ongoing evaluation of the plan and what’s working and what’s not working.  We remain in contact with you as long as necessary to make sure the plan is meeting your needs.